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Let the Helsinki-based advertising agency Fredan design your visual look prefessional.

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Packaging Design

Professionally designed packages catch the eye and make your products stand out among thousands of other products.

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Eye-catching Detail

The stylish and eye-catching visual design draws attention and influences purchasing decisions. The visual look and illustrations designed just for you make your product look and feel unique. Once ready, the same design modules can be used for many purposes like advertising, packaging, business cards, or website design.

Successful Branding

The overflow of competing products and consumer choices forces you to differentiate. In the consumerist world, products and their packaging design become so intertwined that they are no longer perceived as either separate objects—or, ultimately, objects of necessity. The creation of the desire to buy has become the key in package design.

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One ad can change everything

From the city center of vibrant and trendy Helsinki, Fredan advertising agency serves its customer all around Finland and abroad.

Creating innovative and impressive marketing is teamwork where you know your industry, and we know how to make your products look more desirable. Whether it’s a single ad or a broader campaign, we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

Be in touch and let’s make, together, your business prosper.